Books by Sam Yankelevitch


Lean Potion #9

Communication is the new lean frontier - are you ready to explore it?

The World is the new shop floor. Lean Potion #9 challenges readers to apply the transformational magic of Lean thinking to the waste and confusion that plague global supply chains when cultures collide and meaning gets mangled in even the simplest conversations. 

Global Lean

See the new waste rooted in communication, distance, and culture.

As organizations evolve into global networks, Lean initiatives must now meet new needs. The book provides ideas, illustrations, and examples on how Lean can highlight the problems created in these interactions so they can be tackled, reduced, or removed.


Lean Communication

The cost of an enterprise’s faulty communication can literally make or break a product.

 Lean Communication is an introduction to concepts associated with Lean methodologies and how these can be adopted to uncover waste and drive improvements in the interactions between global participants in an organization.